> This does bring into question in my mind the order of onclick vs.
> forum submission.  right now the 2 buttons i've been testing this with

FWIW, I think the question you have to ask is why you're seeing this
behavior but I'm not, and moreover, I haven't heard of it either --
this suggests there's something very strange going on specific to your
page.  At first I thought it was form submission too, but a quick
check with IE6 showed that I got the alert before the form was
submitted.  Here's the page I was testing with.[1]  As shown there, it
will alert and then submit the form to blank.html, but there's some
commented-out code to prevent the form submission.  Either way, I got
the click alert.

[1] http://pastie.org/487167

T.J. Crowder
tj / crowder software / com
Independent Software Engineer, consulting services available

On May 22, 5:29 pm, ykaerflila <ykaerfl...@gmail.com> wrote:
> well its not a version issue. I just copied the js files from to
> another to confirm and the issue still persists with dom:loaded
> as far as timing goes the submit buttons I'm observing for clicks are
> static HTML elements.  I had been assuming all static HTML is loaded
> upon dom:load (but admittedly I've never looked to confirm that it
> just seem to make sense =)
> This does bring into question in my mind the order of onclick vs.
> forum submission.  right now the 2 buttons i've been testing this with
> submit a form when clicked.  In FF I see the alert window telling me
> the 'click' observer is firing off before the form is getting
> submitted.  in IE6 I see nothing so is there a possibility that the
> form is actually getting submitted before the 'click' observer fires
> off?
> Then again maybe I'm going about all of this the wrong way.  what I'm
> shooting for here is to show a loading spinner on the page on each
> click of links and selected input buttons.  hence the $$
> ('a','.processing'). The site I'm working on has some AJAX and each
> AJAX request shows/hides a processing spinner. some of the bigger page
> requests and during peak times users are multi clicking buttons
> because they are looking for the AJAX processing spinner(even on non
> ajax requests) rather than watching the IE window and thinking nothing
> is going on.  so what i sat out to do was simply show the processing
> spinner via each click of an anchor tag or button which has
> the .processing class attached to it.  all it needs to do is .show()
> the spinner div onclick but i'd rather not have to go through each
> link and button to add onclick="$('spinner').show()".  IE 6 is
> important because this runs in XPe terminals which of course are all
> running IE6 =)
> On May 22, 9:53 am, Walter Lee Davis <wa...@wdstudio.com> wrote:
> > You may find that you are using the same version on both sites, which
> > means that my solution fixed the problem, but not for the reason I
> > thought.
> > There may be a timing/latency issue somewhere else in your code that
> > is resolved by the DOM being completely settled (onload is very late
> > in the game, the page is already visible in its entirety in the
> > browser).
> > You might want to look through for some cases where you expect a thing
> > to be there -- if you act on any element blindly assuming its
> > existence -- and see if wrapping that up in a condition makes the site
> > work again under dom:loaded.
> > It's just a hunch, mind you.
> > Walter
> > On May 22, 2009, at 9:58 AM, ykaerflila wrote:
> > > That worked like a champ.  I changed
> > > document.observe("dom:loaded", code.launch );
> > > to
> > > Event.observe(window,'load', function(event){
> > >    $$('.processing').invoke('observe', 'click', function(ev) {
> > >            alert('clicked');
> > >    });
> > > });
> > > Now everything is working as expected.  I'm using the same
> > > document.observer("dom:loaded"... in another script as I mentioned
> > > which is working properly( its only being used on checkboxes and divs)
> > > so now I'm curious heh. I was pretty sure I used the exact same
> > > version of prototype on the 2 sites, guess I'll go double check just
> > > to see.
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