Hi max,

first notice is that you use DOM0 event, and set "onmouseover &
onmouseout" inside HTML Element, this is not good, prefer using the
Element.Observe that permit to register event. doc at

But this not the problem. The problem appear as you say when :
> although if you move around on the page too much, the scripts
>  gets stuck.

This seems normal, because what you actually do on a mouseover is
launching a blind down, and when you move on another element, you
launch another blind down that affect the same HTML element, so you
could have two concurrent effect on the same element, and that's not

What you should do is on mouseover, save the Scriptaculous Object in a
variable and set the callback "afterFinish" of the effect to clear the
previous varaible. Now when an effect is launch, just verify the
variable, if it contain something, you should first do some stuff to
reset your HTML element the blind down effect is applied to.and after
launch the next effect.
Another way to do that is to used the queue option of scriptaculous
effect so that every effect are queued one after the other, but in
that case if you move quickly over all element you'll have every
effect that are launch one after the previous.

So to conclude, always remember when you launch an effect that if
another is in execution on the same element, the result is always bad.


On 25 mai, 19:24, Max <zem...@gmail.com> wrote:
> Hello,
> I am not that proficient with these scripts and can't seem to work out
> details so the script works smoothly.
> The idea is when  you rollover the main navigation blocks, (events,
> advocacy, community, marketplace, local wic)  a blind down occurs that
> contains the submenu items. This part works for the most part,
> although if you move around on the page too much, the scripts gets
> stuck. If you leave the the top navigation block, and also the
> submenus that appeared with the blind down, they need to blind up.
> In addition to the script not working smoothly, when you go between
> any of the elements in the main nav (events and advocacy for example),
> there is a small margin between the links and the blind down restarts.
> This is not good at all. I can't figure out how to correct.
> The site is posted at:http://02db79b.netsolhost.com/
> the script on the main nav block is:  onmouseover="Effect.BlindDown
> ('subnavsrollover');; return false;"
> right now I dont' have a onmouseout on the script, thought I would
> work out this part first. Any assistance is greatly appreciated.
> max
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