Hi austenc,

just one thought,is there any delay ???
btw, could you post much more code, because I've used queue in Effect
and never see such a behaviour.


On 26 mai, 23:49, austenc <austen.came...@gmail.com> wrote:
> I'm trying to queue blindup and blinddown effects so the user can't
> double click to break things.
> I've tried adding this to my js file:
>          Effect.Queues.get('myQueue').interval = 100;
> The queue itself is working... but takes a long time when  you first
> click on an item to actually fire the Effect. at least  a few seconds.
> How do I make this queue work at normal (almost instant) speed?
> I've tried adding the line above to the functions that deal with
> blindup and blinddown... it didn't do anything.
> Thanks
> austen
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