Hi Cyrus,

I think you should try a simple $('element').innerHTML='the new
value'; for each element to update
Compared to js solution, it's quicker.

Of course it depend to what you'll need to insert or change.


On 28 mai, 11:52, Cyrus <arianglan...@googlemail.com> wrote:
> Hi,
> I am using Sortable to sort potentially long lists of 100+ elements.
> Sortable itselfs works fast. Each list item contains a select-box with
> its position. We want to keep that select box to have a non-js
> fallback to sort the list.
> After each drag&drop the whole list has to be updated. I have to
> change value, name and options of each select box.
> I am doing this by creating new html-code and using Element.replace()
> to exchange the html.
> This is unfortunately very slow. I also tried to use insert() and then
> remove() but it doesn't really work faster.
> Any suggestions?
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