I tried to nest ajax requests. I think this should be possible, but
just the outer is executed properly.

The script is working till the update in the onComplete function. The
ajax.updater is not started. Firebug has no network activity and
nothing happens.

Any idea where the error is? Probably I am just too blind.

Thanks in advance

new Ajax.Request(commentAjaxPath+"comments.ajax.php5", {
        method: "post",
        parameters: {
                get: "saveComment",
                senderName: $F('senderName'),
                senderEmail: $F('senderEmail'),
                text: $F('text'),
                recaptcha_challenge: Recaptcha.get_challenge(),
                recaptcha_response: Recaptcha.get_response(),
                pageFeatureID: $F('pageFeatureID'),
                sendNotification: $F('sendNotification')

        onComplete: function(transport) {
                if(Object.isString(transport.responseText)) {

                        new Ajax.Updater('comments', 
                                                parameters: {
                                                        get: "showComments",
                                        pageFeatureID: $F('pageFeatureID')
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