Hi Cyrus,

I've made some test and can add some info.
The link CAN be clicked, you just need to expand the select option,
and it works now for all other links.
If you move one of the list element to another position, the link
could be accessible after the move too.
But both are strange behaviour.

I try to observe the mouse click or use the onclick event on the <a>
tag, and it work the same way.
You still need to expand the select element or move the list element
and it works !

But once it works, it seems to always work.


On 4 juin, 11:50, Cyrus <arianglan...@googlemail.com> wrote:
> Hi, I found a bug in IE6 and Sortable.create.
> When you have a select box and a link within your sortable, the links
> are not clickable if you use the option tree: true
> Sortable.create('list', { tree : true });
> <ul id="list">
>         <li><a href="#test" id="test">test</a><select></select></li>
>         <li><a href="#test2" id="test2">test2</a><select></select></li>
> </ul>
> Do you have any ideas how I could get it work with IE 6?
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