Thanks T.J.,

You were absolutely right it was the IE Enhanced Security
Configuration - disabling it allowed the code to work. I didn't think
the enhanced security setting would come into play since the site was
trusted and the security for that zone was at it's lowest setting.


On May 29, 11:06 am, "T.J. Crowder" <> wrote:
> @Miguel:
> > ...because parameter position
> > need be string
> No, it doesn't.  When you use that style of insert, you're handing it
> an object (in this case, via an object literal) where the name(s) of
> the property on the object dictate where the content is put.  "bottom"
> is a property name, which you can either put in quotes or not.  These
> two object literals are identical:
> {bottom: 'blah blah blah'}
> {'bottom': 'blah blah blah'}
> The second one is also valid JSON (the first is not, although most
> JSON parsers will let you get away with it.)
> Sometimes you need to use a string for the property name, if the name
> you want to use is a reserved word like 'class' or 'var'.
> @OP:
> I found it really really really really really hard to believe that
> remote desktop was the distinguishing factor, and finally got a chance
> to check it, and it isn't (I can use both links directly or via RD).
> I'm thinking IE security settings (like the Internet Explorer Enhanced
> Security Configuration, which will amongst other things make the
> "http://"; URL -- yes, really, it's blank after the // -- that
> Prototype uses at load time not work), but those are just settings on
> the Windows system, nothing to do with Remote Desktop.
> --
> T.J. Crowder
> tj / crowder software / com
> Independent Software Engineer, consulting services available
> On May 29, 12:57 am, "Miguel Beltran R." <> wrote:
> > >                $('body').insert({bottom:html});
> > maybe there was an error when you did the example because parameter position
> > need be string
> > $('body').insert({'bottom':html}
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