why not call it with "top" or "parent" ....

top.function...... works fine in vanilla JS so i dont see why it wont work 
in prototype

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> Hi,
> As some background, under Moz, Prototype adds to Element.prototype (I 
> think
> this is correct, I haven't checked the source) the methods become 
> available on
> every Element. On IE, Prototype can't extend Element.prototype so it wraps 
> the
> element instead.
> This gets more complicated when you are using an iframe (eg, in designmode 
> for
> a wysiwyg editor). Now, if from the parent window you get an element from 
> the
> child window and call $(element) you have an unextended element, even if 
> the
> element were created in the parent frame. This is true in Moz, I'm not 
> sure in
> IE (don't have a windows box handy right now) but I suspect in IE 
> $(element)
> has the Prototype methods available because the wrapping would still work.
> What seems to be happening is there is a window.Element and a separate
> otherwindow.Element and when you move an Element from one window to 
> another
> the Element object's prototype chain gets modified to contain the other
> window's Element.
> I'm thinking maybe it would be possible to do something like:
> otherWindow.Ajax = Ajax;
> otherWindow.Enumerable = Enumerable;
> otherWindow.Element = Element;
> otherWindow.$ = $;
> Has anybody tried this? Is there an 'approved' way to load Prototype into 
> a
> subframe?
> The reason I don't just want to add a <script> to the iframe is my web
> application wraps all the code up into a single file (prototype,
> scriptaculous, my stuff) and I never thought the components would have to 
> be
> loaded separately - seems a bit inefficient to distribute certain parts 
> twice.
> Thanks for any help,
> Jim
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> Jim
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> my blog: http://jimhigson.blogspot.com/
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