Hi Alex,

If the code WAS working, the error could be on the received JSON  ?
One though, IE don't like misplaced comma on JSON. For exemple, last
element of an array that is followed by a comma don't work on IE.


On 9 juin, 16:31, Jeztah <webmas...@thecarmarketplace.com> wrote:
> AFternoon guys/gals
> http://pastie.org/505747
> Some weird behaviour in internet explorer .....
> The code in the link above works in all browsers except Internet
> explorer ..... It was working untill earlier today and i am now not
> sure why... i have reverted any changes back to what they were when it
> was working ....
> At a glance can anyone see an error that would halt Internet
> Explorer....
> The strange thing is .. IE doesnt even throw an error, it does the
> requests fine just doesnt do the bits after - its like it isnt reading
> the JSON response....
> As i said its working in all other browsers fine and has been for a
> while so i know its not the backend response as it used to work in
> IE!!..
> Thanks in advance
> Alex
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