Ignore me I was having a brain lapse... fire bug lead me astray not
showing me the updated attributes when .disable() was applied .  a
quick test pointed me in the right direction.

 var ck = elm.getAttribute('disabled');  is true/false/null depending
on browser when set by .disable() which is what i was missing.

On Jun 10, 11:07 am, Nathan <ykaerfl...@gmail.com> wrote:
> It seemed like a simple question when I started, but for the life of
> me I have not found an answer yet.  So either I'm asking the wrong
> questions or going about this the wrong way.
> I have a button on a page which can or cannot be disabled ( via $
> (buttonID).disable()) I have another function which needs to know the
> state of that button.  How can I test if it was disabled using .disable
> ()?
> Thanks
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