You will need to get the value again from the select box or add a new 
observer for it upon the ajax response

Post your code and someone will show you how

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Subject: [Proto-Scripty] 2 select elements cascaded to update

I have 3 select html elements which are related in cascade: countries,
province and city. All 3 are select pulldown.

The province pulldown only contains the provinces of the selected
country and the city pulldown contains only cities from the province

Now, I have 2 JS functions which get executed onChange of country and
province, looking for data related to the country or provinces just
selected respectively. All this works great.

The problem is that when I change a country, the provinces pulldown
gets updated correctly, but I need the cities pulldown to get updated
with the values of cities that belong to the new province that is

I tried adding the JS function that updated the cities after the one
that updated the provinces in the OnChange of countries SELECT object,
but is looks for cities of the old province, not the new one.

Any idea on how to work this out?

Martín Marqués
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