Chris Sansom wrote:
> I'm curious about the recent discussion that's arisen as a sideline 
> from the 'Creating new lines and bypassing them through escapeHTML' 
> thread.
> I've been using Prototype for a little while now (though not 
> Scriptaculous - yet!). I'm not by any stretch of the imagination an 
> expert and I'm sure I'm still not using it as fully as I could (I 
> keep coming across things in the docs that make me go 'Doh! I could 
> have been doing that all this time'). However, I've also been working 
> exclusively in XHTML 1.0 Strict for some time and I haven't been 
> aware of anything not behaving as advertised. Also, unless I've 
> missed something obvious, I don't /think/ I've seen any reference to 
> doctypes in the API docs or Tips & Tutorials at
> So should I be changing my ways here? I seriously don't want to have 
> to convert several large and complex PHP-driven sites to a different 
> doctype if I can help it!

All this issues regarding DOCTYPE's are not really about prototype 
requiring a certain, one and only one doctype.

Prototype can work with both HTML 4.0 and XHTML 1.0, but it REQUIRES 
that the browser is rendering page in Standards Compilant Mode and not 
in Quirks Mmode [1].

The thing is, that you, as a webmaster, have to tell the browser to 
use the Strict Mode, and not old, buggy, and browser-incompatibile 
Quirks Mode. You can do this only by setting one of the DOCTYPE's 
which are called Doctype Switch'es.

In the Quirks Mode the different browsers render the page differently, 
in almost unpredictable way. This is why Prototype, and I thing than 
any other js framework require Standards Compilant Mode.

If you are developing a valid XHTML webpages with proper doctypes then 
don't worry, you're on the right path.

You can read more on this at Wikipedia, or just use Google.


Best Regards,

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