Before I take a look at your issue... I have a rewrite of CurvyCorners that
i did that makes it run way faster. I was using it in a project and was
annoyed by how long it took to render the corners. I can't say its any
cleaner, but I corrected an unecessary loop. I've attched the rewrite to
this email along with an  example usage (same file, its at the bottom).

Can you post your code?


On Wed, Jun 17, 2009 at 9:58 AM, Rafael M Ximenes <>wrote:

> Hi, everybody!
> I'm a Brazilian WebDev and I've found  a script to round corners
> without images (Script's name is Curvy Corners:
> I was trying to round corners of the draggables, but they lose your
> functions.
> Some help?
> Regards.
> Rafael
> >

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