I just tried to put a json object inside an attribute an I bumped into 
an issue with String#escapeHTML().

The method does escape all the ampersands and the greater/less than 
signs, but it does nothing to the quots.

This make the method completely unusable for writing attributes (for 
innerHTML use).

Lets get through an example:

var eventMemo = {
    aLabel: 'some String with "quotes", \'apostrophes\'...',
    otherLabel: 'another String with &ampersands and <tags>'
//I want this object inside an html attribute, so lets
//make it JSON and escape it:
var attr = Object.toJSON(eventMemo).escapeHTML();

var link = '<a href="javascript:;" class="fireCustomEvent"'+
  ' data-eventMemo="' + attr + '" > '+
  ' this link is supposed to fire custom event with memo '+
  ' read from data-eventMemo attribute '+

//lets see what this link looks like in Firebug:

The output is:
<a href="javascript:;" class="fireCustomEvent"
data-eventMemo="{"aLabel": "some String with \"quotes\",
'apostrophs'...", "otherLabel": "another String with &amp;ampersands
and &lt;tags&gt;"}" >this link is supposed to fire custom event with 
memo read from data-eventMemo attribute</a>

As you can see, the output is completely broken, as the " are not 
converted to &quot; and ' to &#39;

One have to append another replaces to properly escape the string:

var attr = 

The example in the documentation of escapeHTML also contains this 
error, but no warning about this behaviour.

1. A note should be added to the docs about this issue, and an example 
  how to properly escape string for use inside attributes;
2. A parameter could be added tho this method which would escape 
quotes automaticly.
Or a separate function could be introduced, eg. escapeHTMLquots() 
which would do the same unconditionally.
3. Current behaviour of method can not be changed, as this would 
create backward incompatibility.

I will place an issue about the docs, and I would like to hear your 
opinion about the method modifications.

Best Regards,

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