Hi Nivash,

I was trying to reproduce your error.
Could you please post the code because I did not have the same error.


On 24 juin, 09:29, Nivash Ramachandran <rniv...@gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi all,
> I am using scriptaculous drag functionality in table tr element. Now I
> am facing the following issues. I can drag a row from one table to
> another table but
> 1. While i drag a row, it gets invisible from view (not visible)
> 2. I applied border style for table td element but it is not working
> after creating Draggable object.
> System info:
> 1. scriptaculous.js v1.8.2
> 2. IE 7
> 3. Vista
> by Nivash Ramachandran
> India.
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