Sweet, that works. Kind of.

Sadly, if you are in the middle of a dom:loaded callback...
document.loaded is still false. It's not true until after all the
dom:loaded callbacks have been called.

And it's if you are IN a dom:loaded callback, and you then try to add
another dom:loaded listener -- that's what really makes Prototype/
Firefox go all screwy.

I kinda of agree with the later commenter that Prototype itself ought
to take care of adding a dom:loaded callback at odd times -- if you
add it after dom:loaded, it should just execute immediately. If you
add it in the middle of a dom:loaded callback, it should just be added
onto the end of the queue. But, sadly, that's not what happens. If you
call it in the middle of a dom:loaded callback, things go screwy. If
you call it after dom:loaded, your callback will never get executed.

On Jun 24, 11:49 pm, Tobie Langel <tobie.lan...@gmail.com> wrote:
> yes, using document.loaded.
> Try something like:
> document.loaded ? callback() : document.observe('dom:loaded',
> callback);
> Best,
> Tobie
> On Jun 24, 11:53 pm, jrochkind <rochk...@jhu.edu> wrote:
> > So prototype 1.6 lets you register an event handler for the psuedo-
> > event dom:loaded. Good enough.
> > But if you register a callback for this event AFTER it's already
> > happened anywhere, it'll never get called (or possibly even something
> > stranger will happen, something strange was happening to me, but could
> > have been my code).
> > I have some re-useable code that sometimes might get called before
> > dom:loaded (in which case it wants to register a callback to do it's
> > thing on dom:onload), but sometimes might get called after dom:loaded
> > (in which case it would just go ahead and do it's thing).
> > Is there any way to tell if dom:loaded has happened yet?
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