Hi Robert,

Yes, modify positionning for IE by a pixel value instead of percent
value, and it work as expected.
have a look to document.viewport API : 


On 29 juin, 17:32, Robert Drake <egolea...@yahoo.com> wrote:
> I have a potential bug or possibly just a misconfiguration on my part
> that I'm having a hard time overcoming.
> I have an element, absolutely postioned, using left:50% and negative
> margins for placement with effect.move as an effect.
> #object{
>         height: 300px;
>         left: 50%;
>         margin-left: -150px;
>         position: absolute;
>             top: 250px;
>         width: 300px;
>         }
> new Effect.Move($('object'), { x: -300, y: -50, mode: 'relative' });
> In Opera & Firefox the box moves, as expected, 300 pixels to the left
> and 50 pixels up from its original location.  In IE7 & 8 the box goes
> all the way to the left and then moves 300 pixels to the left, 50 up.
> The original starting location ( left: 50%) is not being respected.
> Is there a solution or workaround for this?
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