Ok. So I have a structure like this:

<div class="fp_YouTube">

<div class="player">
        <object width="425" height="349"> ... </object>

<ol class="playlist">
        <li id="YouTubeID_w7naKj-z5So"> ... </li>
        <li id="YouTubeID_naiN5V4Q1rI"> ... </li>


And eventually what I am doing is replacing the contents of "player"
with a new video, based on observing a click on one of the list items
in "playlist".  I've done it before but I'm trying to prototypejs it
up a little nicer.

SO... I have this JS code going:

$$('div.fp_YouTube').each(function(el)  {
        var player = el.select('.player');
        var playlist = el.select('.playlist');
        playlist.select('li').each(function(video)      {

But it is not

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