hi Stefan,

you could use try-catch :))
but I think depending to the exemple that besied testing directly the
top.Windows.focusedWindow.getId(), perhaps test if top.Windows exist
and if top.Windows.focusedWindow exist before, so if not exist don't
try to get the id.

it's just a guess, beause I have no code to test... http://www.pastie.org/
to post some code or live exemple :))


On 1 juil, 10:26, Stefan Meyer <rumpel...@gmx.de> wrote:
> i want to know  when a prototype window is open like this
> alert(top.Windows.focusedWindow.getId());
> when the window is open , all works fine and i get a id, but when
> window isnt open, i get now info and the script stops without errors.
> how can i catch this?
> the lib is this
> http://prototype-window.xilinus.com/documentation.html#getId
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