Hello Group,

I'm a rookie at those Web2 tricks but I'm trying to get there.

I've been programming other languages for a long time, but this is
something else ;-)

Well I almost accomplished what I wanted until I had to move one DIV
inside the main DIV...

To make a story short, I use a DIV including a IMG to perform a
slideshow.  The pictures, description and url are retrived from an
ajax call.  To make it look better, I'm using the Effect.appear/fade..

The problem I'm having now is that I set my second div to an relative
positionning (to have it shown near the middle of the picture) with


That make the second div not to appear/fade anymore...  If I remove
the positionning, the inner DIV goes at the bottom of the main div and
then the Effect works as it should...

Any hint of what I'm doing wrong ??

You will find the demo page and all the scripting at http://dev.genieciel.com/

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