2009/6/27 T.J. Crowder <t...@crowdersoftware.com>

> I've written up a couple of things about closures that may be helpful,
> and specifically that walk you through this business of references vs.
> values:
> http://blog.niftysnippets.org/2008/02/closures-are-not-complicated.html
> http://blog.niftysnippets.org/2008/03/closures-by-example.html
Hi T.J.

Today at last I readed your blog.
Based on your explanation I changed my function to this and work perfectly,
many thanks.

document.observe('dom:loaded', function(){
     function observaEvento(evento){
        elm = $(evento);
        if (elm) {
            elm.observe('change', function(evt) {
                console.log("call to: %s", 'sic:'+evento);

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