The file form control itself is a pain to style and is kind of an
eyesore. But it can be hidden and other controls used (say, a styled
button or link that activates the click action of the file control) to
obtain the file path value that the form control will upload. Flash
isn't the only way to "Ajax" a file, but it's probably the easiest.
IFRAME is another option which doesn't require the Flash plugin, but
does usually requires more hand coding.

A quick Google search(
brought up this:
among others.
Essentially, after the IFRAME form submits, the reloaded page of the
frame disaplays info about the upload (GMail-esque).
-joe t.

On Jul 5, 8:26 am, Vladimir Tkach <> wrote:
> Browsers force us to use file inputs for uploads, which are impossible to
> style. Moreover, form-based uploads look obsolete in modern ajax
> applications. We can use flash to solve this problem, but javascript works
> nice too.
> 2009/7/5 webbear1000 <>
> > You could try YUI uploader if you're prepared to use Flash
> >
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> Best Regards,
> Vladimir Tkach
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