Ok so I modifed the function to suggestions on 1 and 2 just incase:

function AutosaveForm(formthis){
    var alertTimerid = 0;
    new Form.Observer(formthis, 0.3, function(){
        clearTimeout (alertTimerid);
        alertTimerid = setTimeout (function(){
                onComplete: function(){alert('Form data saved!');}
        }, 1000);

3 was my first guess but I can't find any duplicates. I even went as
far are renaming the form to "aardvark" something thats def not
sharing that name/id with some other element and it still is a no go.
The form itself has name and ID specified as the same, I tried
removing the name, and then the ID to make sure it wasn't some funky
conflict there and still the same issue.

Any other ideas?
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