I've been puzzling over this for a couple of days and finally admit I
need help.  I have a Hash of objects which I iterate over using each:

 $H(data.nodes).each(function(mynode,id) {
      // do something with mynode

What I get back for 'mynode' is
'nodename', [object Object]

instead of what I need:
[object Object]

Here's the structure of the Hash, copied from Firebug.  If there's a
better way to represent this, let me know:

data:      Object nodes=Object size=[2]
  nodes:   Object node0=Object node1=Object
    node0:   Object label='node 0' height=0.44
    node1:   Object label='node 1' height=0.44
    node2:   Object label='node 2' height=0.44 width=1
    node3:   Object label='node 3' height=0.44 width=1
apparently the _each method of Hash in Prototype can't understand this
structure, but I'm not seeing why it returns
'nodename' and a comma before the object instead of just the object.



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