I'm using ProtoFish (and therefore Prototype) on a client project, and
some parts of the project are hosted by a third-party web app that
includes some JavaScript of their own.

I've determined that one of the scripts (http://mcle.custhelp.com/cgi-
javascript/json-min.js) is conflicting with Prototype, breaking the
drop down menus, and returning "Error: INVALID_CHARACTER_ERR: DOM
Exception 5 / prototype.js:1817" in the Safari console.

The details of the conflict are beyond my understanding of JS/
Prototype, but I gather it has to do with both scripts trying to
modify Object.prototype. I understand that extending JavaScript Array
and Object types is controversial, and I'm not trying to re-raise that

I am wondering, however, if json-min.js is being a bad citizen, or
simply doing the same type of thing that Prototype does, and therefore
conflicting. And more importantly, is there anything I can do, since
getting the third-party to modify their system is unlikely, to route
around the collision?



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