Why doesn't 'getCoordinates' show up in the following code?
canvas.getCoordinates() throws an error of "getCoordinates is not a

I'm making a newbie error somewhere.

    var canvas = new Element('canvas', {
      width:  this.xform(data.size[0]) + 16 + 'px',
      height: this.xform(data.size[1]) + 16 + 'px',

      // mixin to Element for canvases
      getCoordinates: function(element){
        var position = this.getPosition(element), size = this.getSize
        var obj = {left: position.x, top: position.y, width: size.x,
height: size.y};
        obj.right = obj.left + obj.width;
        obj.bottom = obj.top + obj.height;
        return obj;

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