You can check the status of the Ajax request and show an animate gif
until the request is completed. You don't need PHP to show the
animation (or any other server side language for that matter), but you
will need to communicate with the server to process the request with
PHP, .NET, etc.

if you're just loading images, you don't even need to use the Ajax
object at all, if you don't want to - I had a quick example here I
whipped up :

On Jul 6, 2:33 pm, anthony <> wrote:
> I am sure this is a commonly asked question or can be found in many
> tutorials, but I just can;t see to figure out what to search for.
> I am looking for something were when I hit submit, the page does not
> go anywhere but something pops up or appears and say the page is
> processing, not allowing the user to do anything. Can someone point me
> in to the right direction?
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