> But leaving aside status 0, just a logical point.  The third condition
> in your updated code:
> >     return (status >= 200 && status < 300 && status != 0); <--------
> ...is irrelevant and will never be evaluated.  If 200 <= x < 300, x
> cannot be zero.

i can't believe what piece rubbish of code i have written, my brain
must have bin offline :'(

i think the zero comes from that part:
------- line: 1499--------------------------------------
  getStatus: function() {
    try {
      return this.transport.status || 0;
    } catch (e) { return 0 }

so Firefox must leave the status undefined.

@ Matt Foster : i tried your patch but it didn't work for me,
but maybe its my fault ... maybe it was a bad day of coding for me :)

i will try it again .... yes the Ajax part off prototype is a bit

by the way.... sorry I am not a native English speaker, so don't be
mad with me ;)

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