This is a newbie question, but I learn a lot every time I ask.

Why do some objects return a zero length?

I'm doing Array.each.  In the array at this particular time is a
single object.  Firebug describes that object as

Object Brainwriting color=black penwidth=0.5 fontname=Arial

and I iterate through the array this way:
 $A(attr.edges).each(function(edge) {
     this.edge.set(id, new GraphEdge(cv, id, edge));
   }, this);

But in Prototype's each method the 'edge' iterator (the Brainwriting
Object), returns zero length:
function $A(iterable) {
  if (!iterable) return [];
  if (iterable.toArray) return iterable.toArray();
  var length = iterable.length || 0, results = new Array(length);
  while (length--) results[length] = iterable[length];
  return results;

Maybe the Brainwriting Object is not iterable, but I would expect $A
(attr.edges) to have made it so before my call to each().

Surely I'm not expected to assign a length attribute to objects myself
- just lilke 'penwidth' and 'color' were assigned - in order to make
Array.each() work on objects.  Why doesn't the Object.length return
non-zero when any kind of Object is instantiated?

I'm using Firefox 3.0.10.

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