Hi adamski,

I use this version too, and have not this problem.
But What could you do?
if you have multiple js script, just supress all other script instead
prototype. if the error is still there, try download again prototype.
Otherwise, the problem could be in text encoding.


On 14 juil, 12:37, adamski <adam.elemen...@gmail.com> wrote:
> We're now going through the enjoyable task of getting our app working
> in IE, 6-8 we are aiming for.
> We just downloaded the latest prototype RC3, which seems to fix a few
> errors, however, I am getting this error on page load, IE8 only:
> Message: Invalid argument.
> Line: 4501
> Char: 9
> Code: 0
> URI:http://bgp.brightgreen.local/javascripts/prototype.js?1247565795
> and also from scriptaculous effects.js:
> Message: Exception thrown and not caught
> Line: 485
> Char: 24
> Code: 0
> URI:http://bgp.brightgreen.local/javascripts/effects.js
> Anyone else come across these?
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