Hi, I have been working to modify a fading slideshow image gallery script w/
controls, but I am having problems deferring a function to run when the
interpreter is idle using Prototype's defer() method.
Here is a snippet of my code and I want to defer the showSlide() function:
var slideshow = {
    currentSlide: 0,
    slides: $$('#slideimg li'),
    init: function(){
        pe = new PeriodicalExecuter(slideshow.showNext, 5);
        $$('#slidebtn li').invoke('observe', 'click', function(e) {
            for(var i=0; i<$$('#slidebtn li').length; i++){
                if(e.element().up(0) == $$('#slidebtn li')[i]){
                    if(slideshow.currentSlide !== i){
                            pe = new PeriodicalExecuter(slideshow.showNext,
    showSlide: function(slide){
        slideshow.currentSlide = slide;

Basically, this is the error I get from firebug when I run
slideshow.showSlide(i).defer() is undefined

How can I defer the showSlide() function so that when users click on the
buttons too quickly, it will wait for the interpreter to idle before
attempting to run the showSlide() function again.
I think I am on the right track in trying to use defer(), instead of
queueing the effect to suppress events being fired too quickly. However, I
don't know whether my use of defer() is correct.

You can see a working demo here: http://icecreamcola.com/testing/
I have pasted the code in pastie.org: http://pastie.org/546795

Any help in the right direction would be most appreciated.

- Paul K

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