I recently upgraded to 1.6.1_rc3 and am seeing this issue on my end.
Can someone please let me know how to fix it? It's pretty bad for
users to see this...



On May 18, 5:02 pm, Rubens <rubens.s.go...@gmail.com> wrote:
> prototype.js (version 1.6.1_rc2) causesSSLnonsecure warning dialog
> to popup on Internet Explorer6.  This problem has been verified using
> fidler onIE6running on Windows XP.  And it occurs as soon asIE6
> loads the prototype.js file.
> I have added the following line around line 2098, and the problem went
> away.
>       el.setAttribute('src', 'javascript:false;');
> Please, can someone make sure this fix is carried on to the next
> prototype release?
> Thanks,
> Rubens.http://www.rubens-gomes.com/

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