Thank you very much for the reply  T.J. Crowder.

I don't want to make it impossible to understand (obfuscate), as you
said, it wouldn't be well spent time in my case. All I want is to
remove the Javascript from the source page (right click -> View
Source) so comon people wouldn't see it. I also find it makes
developing the website much more convenient to have HTML and
Javascript in separated files.

As I said, it was working perfectly before the change. All I did for
script.js is to move the whole Javascript code from the javascript tag
(excluding it, so script.js starts with my code and end with it).

I forgot to say Firefox tells me "this.track is null" in line 171 of
Here is how I create one of the sliders in script.js:

var c_level_slider = new Control.Slider( $( 'current_level_handle' ), $
( 'current_level_track' ),
        range: $R( 1, 100 ),
    values: $R( 1, 100 ),
    onSlide: function( value )
    onChange: function( value )

If you have any clues that's wrong...please let me know, I'm really
stuck on this.

Thanks again.
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