On Jul 16, 7:51 pm, mr_justin <gro...@jperkins.otherinbox.com> wrote:
> > I have also a javascript variable called code_given - can I add this
> > to params? If yes, how?!
> params = $('name_form').serialize() + '&code_given=' + escape
> (code_given)
> // or
> params = $('name_form').serialize(true)
> params.code_given = code_given

I have tried the second approach which works fine. Is it possible to
get the added variable at the top of the email?

I have

params= $('name_form_fv_questionnaire').serialize(true);
params.code_given = code_given;

and cannot swop to have

params.code_given = code_given;
params= $('name_form_fv_questionnaire').serialize(true);

as the params is not defined - can I change to this somehow?


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