Java Script function with prototype in it:
function strutsProtScriptAjaxLogin(){

 //  Gets form value with id password
 var password = $F('password');

// longinFormDiv is my div id
new Ajax.Updater('loginFormDiv','/abinWebProject/
password=' + password, {
                        onFailure: function(){
                                $('loginFormDiv').update('An error occurred.');
                        onSuccess: function(response) {
                                $('loginFormDiv').value = response.responseText;
                                $('loginFormDiv').update( response.status );

--> That password value is showing null in my Struts Action Class...
--> I tried both :

    1.  new Ajax.Updater('loginFormDiv','/abinWebProject/' + password
         like shown above ( it doesn't have keyword parameter)

    and ,

    var password = 'password=' + $F('password');
    new Ajax.Updater('loginFormDiv','/abinWebProject/
             parameters: password,

But I could not get those values in struts action class...

password = (String) request.getAttribute("password");

it gives null to me..

Any suggestion, corrections and opinions will be greatly appreciated.

Abin Awale

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