Yeah, bit of a pain that there's no standard way to _remove_ a style
from the style property entirely.  Setting things to "" is not the
same thing.

However:  Effects offer beforeStart and afterFinish callbacks, and the
style property has this nifty cssText property on it, which suggests
this should work around the problem (and may be a way forward for an
eventual scripty fix):

        beforeStart: function(effect) {
            effect.saveStyle = effect.element.style.cssText;
        afterFinish: function(effect) {
            effect.element.style.cssText = effect.saveStyle;

cssText is fairly widely supported, I believe, even IE6 had it (not
that :hover works with IE6, except on links).  In fact, Prototype's
setStyle uses it if you pass in a string (an undocumented feature;
docs say it has to be an object, so it may not get unit tested).


On Jul 17, 2:33 pm, Nicholas Van Weerdenburg <vanwe...@gmail.com>
> Hi,
> I found this tickethttp://dev.rubyonrails.org/ticket/6134
> but the problem still exists.  No matter what I do, Effect.Highlight
> pollutes the DOM by changing the element background color, breaking css
> :hover and other style rules due to the element rule css precedence
> Anyone know of a workaround? I tried :restorecolor=>"" but that doesn't
> work. Calls to set the background color to "" fail, I think due to the
> timing of the hightlight.
> Thanks,
> Nick
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