Sorry my bad.... was "if(window.Prototype) ..."

Sorry for silly post !!

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Subject: [Proto-Scripty] Checking if prototype is loaded

> Morning guys.
> Does anyone know a way to check if prototype is loaded or not ....
> I have tried "if(Prototype) { ..." but just throws an undefined error.
> I know i know i should know if it is loaded or not but my servers use
> very heavy aggressive caching due to massive user loads and i noticed
> in my cache there was some javascript thats not even on the page left
> in a session cache.
> To cut it short i use server side methods to gzip/minify js files on
> page load (same with the css).... as they are loaded they go into an
> array if whats loaded. Then on the page i am able to check the "Cache"
> of javascript loaded by checking a session array variable. The trouble
> is .... the session variable is rightly telling me prototype is
> (included) - but not in the <head> tag so it is not showing up as a
> loaded script once the page is refreshed!!!....
> would it be window.Prototype or is there a cleaner method ?
> Thanks in advance
> Alex
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