Some people just create an array at page load and push history to the array 
(similar to TJ's explination) ... it seems the cleanest way to do it .. you 
could also update a hidden element with the id of the element if you wanted 
... using an array allows you to access all hostory on that page of clicked 
input elements though! ... I believe its how google do it in thier analytics 
package to work out page clicks!
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I'll be interested to see the answers to this question, I'm sure
there's a better way than the way I've done it previously.

I needed to do something along those lines, keep track of which text
box the user was in before they clicked a button.  I ended up keeping
track of the most recent text box in the form to get focus.  I wasn't
using Prototype, but in Prototype it would look something like this:

// At some appropriate scope
var lastFocussed;

// In an init function, such as when DOM ready, or when you've
rendered the form
    select('input[type=text], input[type=password], textarea,
    invoke('observe', 'focus', function() {
        lastFocussed = this;

That will track which text, password, textarea, or select box last had
focus.  Note that it doesn't track radio buttons or checkboxes; you
may want to do that, just add to the list of things being tracked in
the selector.

T.J. Crowder
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On Jul 20, 10:42 am, Tharapon Menkham <> wrote:
> Sorry, the last selected element.
> I clicked textbox in form and click the link or button, so I want to
> know the textbox I've selected.
> Thank you,
> Tharapon
> On Jul 20, 4:39 pm, "T.J. Crowder" <> wrote:
> > Hi,
> > What do you mean by previous? Previous in the DOM, previous in
> > time, ...? The more thorough you are in the info you provide, the
> > more people will be able to help.
> > --
> > T.J. Crowder
> > tj / crowder software / com
> > Independent Software Engineer, consulting services available
> > On Jul 20, 10:30 am, Tharapon Menkham <> wrote:
> > > Does any know how to find the previous element which was clicked?
> > > Thank you so much,
> > > Tharapon

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