LOL @ western democracies !!!!!

Wish my scripts could do that

Alex Mcauley
The Vacancy Market LTD

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"Not working" in what way?  Does it... nothing?
...raise an error?
...stop all scripts on the page?
...turn the entire page mauve?
...depress the economies of the western democracies?

You get the idea, there are dozens of things "not working" could
mean. ;-)
T.J. Crowder
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On Jul 21, 8:13 am, Atanu Dey <> wrote:
> I have a script which executes periodically after each 10 seconds. You
> can see that there is an ajax call which actually updates database for
> me and return 1 or 0 depending of the script execution.
> The problem is, it is working cool in windows platform with firefox
> 3.0.11. But not working with the same version of firefox in MAC OS.
> The Script:
> new PeriodicalExecuter(function(){
> var date = new Date();
> //console.log('setOnlineStatus.php?sid='+date.getTime());
> new Ajax.Request('setOnlineStatus.php?sid='+date.getTime(),
> {method:'get', onComplete:function(transport){
> if(!parseInt(transport.responseText))
> window.location="../index.php";
> }});
> },10);
> Can anybody has any idea about this? Thanks in advance for your help.

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