Ah, now I understand your problem with this word. When I wrote this I
didnt know that this isnt even a "real" world for native english
speakers. In Germany it is just one of those "it-words" that people
are using all the time. I just translated this word, assuming that my
english version of it would exist :)

Ok, to ask the question again (without using the word performant or

If I have about 60 tooltips on page (that could load another subset of
elements, that maybe have tooltips too), I would have about 120
listeners (each tooltip needs at least a mouseover and one mouseout,
right?). Is it the right way to just add two listeners (as in my
example in my first post), which fire only on the elements I want?
This would take the needed listeners from about 120 to only 2, which
seems to be a really nice thing.

But if I do it with only two listeners, every time something is
hovered, it uses the findElement()-method to check for a tooltip. So
what is faster and less memory consuming?

Greetings from Germany,
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