Back on subject!!!!!....

Event delegation seems to be the best way to go as someone said earlier.

I created my own tool tip script that listens to around 30 elements and uses 
the title attribute of the element for the text

it didnt really use that much memory .. i can let u have what i wrote (about 
30 lines iirc)


Alex Mcauley
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On Jul 21, 10:00 pm, Diodeus <> wrote:
> "Performantly" isn't a word.

Prove it.

Hint: you can't.
There is no test that you can apply which will establish that this
isn't a word. Furthermore, it is perfectly understandable.

This kind of ill-informed pedantry is annoying at the best of times.
Here, where it was a) off-topic, b) unhelpful and c) addressed to a
non-English speaker, it verged on the offensive..

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