Effect.BlindUp and BlindDown will do it for you.... you also will want to 
look at effect queues in the github of scriptaculous

Alex Mcauley
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my page?

> If you go here,
> http://demo2.analoganalytics.net/publishers/7/offers
> I want an identical effect that has three buttons -- print, email,
> text that does the same thing on the site.
> I can handle the server-side code (PHP), but I want to know how I can
> get that exact effect? My JavaScript is a bit above beginners (new to
> Prototype), and I see they are using Prototype with some other
> effects.
> Now, on Firefox, I had saved the webpages but when I tried click on
> either of the 3 buttons, the JavaScript effect did not work. Can
> anyone show me how to implement something similar on my site?
> >

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