At 03:07 -0700 22/7/09, Chris wrote:
>There are some problems with this. As far as I know the title-
>Attribute is limited to about 255 Chars (at least in some browsers).
>As it is just plain text, you cant format it (like use strongs etc).
>Next thing is that you cant style its overall appearance (like
>Backgroundcolor, Fontsize and that stuff). We want to integrate the
>tooltips so they are not only giving the users some information, but
>want to integrate this information seamlessly. Thats why regular title-
>Tags just dont work for us.

Fair enough! Just thought I'd mention it.

Cheers... Chris
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The nice thing about standards is that there are so
many of them to choose from.
    -- Andrew S. Tanenbaum

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