Use Xyle scope or another CSS "inspector" to see what exactly the  
difference is. You can bet the problem will be in the initial CSS when  
the page loads. Set the objects you want to animate to be  
position:absolute and no padding and you probably will have no trouble.


On Jul 22, 2009, at 12:19 PM, brandon wrote:

> The Effect.Slidedown and Effect.Slideup effects are working. My
> problem is that when I click on the link to initiate the effect, my
> div jumps up or down like 10px, slides up or down, then the content
> and div jump back the initial 10px. The demo on scriptaculous works
> fine. I am even copying the code verbatum from the demo and I am still
> having the same problem. The code is all being parsed through CakePHP.

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