Ok, thanks. I think I understand the reasoning here, but I can't get
my actual example to work.

This is the script as it appears in the initially loaded page and also
as it is in the html snippets bought in by ajax.

<div id="kwdisp0101">some keyword</div>

editor0101 = undefined;
var editor0101;
editor0101 = new Ajax.InPlaceEditor('kwdisp0101','./addkw.php',{size:
17,callback: function(form, value) { return 'oldwd=some
%20keyword&idx=section-id&myparam=' + escape(value)}});\n";

The 0101 is an example, I do this for each keyword in the list and
derive the numbers from some php code, net will be 0102, 0103 0201
0202 &c. This goes for both the editor var name in the js, and for the
dic id in the HTML.

Have I missed or misunderstood something? (it's been a long day...)

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