I suspect you probably want to get the radio *group* by name, and then  
see which (if any) of its members is currently checked.

$$('input[name="yourRadioGroup"]:checked').first() will get the  
element or false. To explicitly get the value, try this:

var myValue = ($$("input[name="yourRadioGroup"]:checked").first()) ?
        $$("input[name="yourRadioGroup"]:checked").first().getValue() : '';


On Jul 30, 2009, at 4:07 PM, mr_justin wrote:

> The value is returned from radio buttons and checkboxes if the item is
> checked/selected. This behavior mimics browser behavior when these
> fields are submitted via a traditional form submit.
> If $F() returns null for a checkbox or radio button, then that item is
> not selected and it's value should be treated as such.
> -justin
> >

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