Thanks for spending time to compile all this stuff.
Looking forward to enjoy working with old browsers ;-) Just to realize  
how much time flies.

Le 31 juil. 09 à 14:16, T.J. Crowder a écrit :

> Hi,
> There are the documented supported browsers:
> Using Prototype & in earlier browsers will not be
> _supported_, but whether it'll "work" is more a fuzzy gray than black
> or white -- e.g., it will vary dramatically by feature.  I expect that
> the $() function will work on quite a few older browsers, whereas I'd
> be surprised if Element#getDimensions and some of the niftier things
> does with computed styles were reliable.
> In terms of *language* features, I think you're pretty safe.
> Prototype uses Function#apply, Function#call, the arguments array, and
> the special behavior of the || (OR) operator, all of which were added
> after the first couple of releases of the language, but it was a
> looong time ago.  In fact, just looked it up[1], and if Wikipedia is
> correct we're talking 1998 or earlier for all of those.
> Prototype may (or may not) use some of the new array features from
> JavaScript 1.6 (~2005), but I suspect not (at least not or
> that it has emulations of them it'll use if they're not there.  If
> there are any missing, though, it's easy enough to add emulations to
> the array prototype, and in any case a quick scan through the source
> for the new methods will tell you.
> In terms of Ajax features, if you're talking Mozilla 1.7, that would
> be well after Gecko had XmlHttpRequest.  Can't guarantee there won't
> be niggles, but...
> Bottom line is that it's unlikely to "just work," but I suspect most
> of what you'll hit will be manageable.  The joy is you have the
> source, and the license is not forbidding.
> [1]
> Good luck,
> --
> T.J. Crowder
> tj / crowder software / com
> Independent Software Engineer, consulting services available
> On Jul 31, 9:09 am, Christophe Decaux <>
> wrote:
>> That's right, it's device app dev.
>> The device is a Cisco DMP 4300 series
>> Does anyone knows what are the minimum browser requirements to run
>> Prototype and Scriptaculous
>> Christophe
>> Le 30 juil. 09 à 22:40, Rick Waldron a écrit :
>>> That sounds like fun... i like device app development. Can you tell
>>> us what device you're working with? That will be helpful
>>> Rick
>>> On Thu, Jul 30, 2009 at 3:55 PM, Christophe  
>>> <
>>>> wrote:
>>> Hi there,
>>> Apologies to everybody if my question is offending in any way, but
>>> this is my first post to such a group.
>>> I'm a occasional user of Prototype and Scriptaculous and pretty  
>>> happy
>>> with these tools.
>>> However, I'm facing an issue for which I can find any answer around:
>>> I created some pages that work pretty well on modern browsers such  
>>> as
>>> FF 3 or 3.5 and Safari 3 or 4, but I'm asked to make them run on  
>>> some
>>> special Internet devices that run only Mozilla Firefox 1.7 with
>>> Javascript 1.5
>>> So my question is : what are the requirements of Prototype 1.6 and
>>> Scriptaculous 1.8, will my pages run well on such an old browser.
>>> If not, is there an older version of Prototype and/or Scriptaculous
>>> that will answer my problem.
>>> Thanks in advance
>>> Christophe
> >

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