Yes, it will, removing an element (via Prototype or directly with
Node.removeChild) removes that element and its children.  Which is
just as well, as the children would have no where to be otherwise.

Note that neither Prototype nor the underlying DOM methods will
automatically remove event handlers from the removed elements, which
can mean that memory remains in use even though the element isn't on
the page anymore.  You want to track what children you have event
handlers on and remove the handlers as well.  This is much easier if
you're using event delegation to keep the number of handlers to a

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On Aug 2, 11:25 pm, Kostil <kostia.iva...@gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi All,
> I am wondering if remove() method executed on top DIV (parent DIV
> element) will automatically remove the children of this element (as in
> remove them from the page and memory if appropriate)? Currently, I am
> doing the following to remove the children:
> $('topdiv').childElements().each(function(e) {
>         RemoveChildren(e);
>     });
> Where RemoveChildren(e) defined as:
> function RemoveChildren(e)
> {
>     if (e.childElements().length > 0)
>     {
>         e.childElements().each(function(ee) {
>             RemoveChildren(ee);
>         });
>     }
>     e.remove();
> }
> The method above seems to work slow especially on IE where very
> visible lag is apparent when executing this type of cleanup.
> Thank you in advance,
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