Hi there!

Got an error with Prototypes PeriodicalExecuter() (Version
When I use the "verified" (http://www.prototypejs.org/api/
periodicalExecuter) "new PeriodicalExecuter(myobject.testMethod(),
3);", everything seems fine (no error in Firebug etc) but after 3
Seconds an error "this.callback is not a function [...]/prototype.js
Line 308" appears. testMethod was not started.

The line "new PeriodicalExecuter(function() { alert("test"); }, 3);"
works when written instead.

When I change the line into "new PeriodicalExecuter
(myobject.unknownMethod(), 3);", firebug at once states correctly that
this function doesn't exist, which is right.

Now I wonder about why this error appears. As you may imagine,
testMethod() is part of an Object, but the error appears outside as
inside the initialize()-function of the "Class" created by Class.create
(). Even outside the "class". The used testMethod() seems to exist

I would like to read any hint or maybe solution to this problem,
please feel free to ask for more information, too.


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