I've never actually used this component but in researching the docs,
could you use the callback for afterUpdateElement and then
programatically execute the form's submit method?




On Aug 7, 10:11 am, Yogesh <yogesh.aga...@gmail.com> wrote:
> Hello All, I have just joined this group and it's my first post. I
> will like to thank the community for coming up with such a powerful
> library.
> I am using new Ajax.Autocompleter in one of script and it works fine.
> I am using it in a input text box, in which, user types in the search
> term and back end script queries the database to get a result set and
> suggested items get shown as a list in input text box.
> When the suggested items show up as list in my input text box, when I
> press enter/tab key, a single list item gets selected. However, to
> submit this item, I have to press enter key again. In short, I need to
> hit enter twice in order to submit the list item. I will like if this
> action is done in a single hit of enter key.
> I tried using some JavaScript hacks to submit the form on enter key
> but I think scriptaculus is over riding it. Is this the case? Is there
> any way to make this work with just single enter key?
> Thanks.
> Regards,
> Yogesh
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